Foolproof Canning: No More Failed Batches

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Hello, fellow canning enthusiasts! We’re Goodtohave, your trusted source for canning equipment in beautiful New Zealand. Today, we want to share some tried-and-true canning success tips that will banish those failed batches. We know how frustrating it can be when your hard work goes to waste, so let’s ensure your next canning adventure is a success!

Tip 1: Choose the Freshest Produce

Your journey to canning success begins in the garden. Opt for the freshest fruits and vegetables you can find or grow. The quality of your ingredients plays a significant role in the final taste and texture of your canned goods. Remember, you’re preserving the flavors of your garden, so make sure they’re at their peak.

Tip 2: Use Quality Canning Equipment

Investing in quality canning equipment is key to achieving foolproof results. At Goodtohave, we offer a range of reliable canning tools and supplies designed to make your canning experience easier and more successful. From our canning jars to our canning funnels, our products are crafted with care to ensure top-notch performance.

Tip 3: Follow Tested Recipes

Canning is as much science as it is art, so stick to tested and trusted recipes. Our Goodtohave team loves experimenting, but when it comes to canning, it’s best to follow established recipes, especially if you’re just starting. Once you’re more experienced, you can get creative and add your personal touch.

Tip 4: Practice Proper Sterilization

One of the most common reasons for failed batches is inadequate sterilization. Ensure your jars and lids are squeaky clean and properly sterilized before you start filling them with your delicious produce. A good practice is to simmer them in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Tip 5: Mind the Headspace

When filling your jars, leave the recommended headspace at the top. Headspace allows for proper expansion during processing and helps create a vacuum seal. Too little or too much headspace can lead to issues, so follow your recipe’s guidelines.

Tip 6: Be Mindful of Air Bubbles

Air bubbles trapped in your jars can cause problems down the line. After filling your jars, use a plastic tool, like a chopstick or a bubble remover, to release any trapped air. This step ensures a snug fit and reduces the risk of spoilage.

Tip 7: Don’t Rush the Processing

Processing times matter! Follow your recipe’s recommendations for processing your jars in boiling water or a pressure canner. Rushing this step can result in underprocessing and compromised safety.

Tip 8: Test the Seal

Once your jars have cooled, check for that satisfying “pop” sound as the lids seal. Gently press the center of the lids; they should not flex or pop back when pressed. If any jars haven’t sealed properly, refrigerate or reprocess them promptly.

Tip 9: Label and Store Properly

Proper labeling is crucial for keeping track of your canned goodies. Label your jars with the date and contents, and store them in a cool, dark place. Use the oldest jars first to ensure you enjoy your canned goods at their freshest.

Tip 10: Learn from Experience

Canning is a skill that gets better with practice. Don’t be discouraged by the occasional mishap. Instead, view it as a learning opportunity. Every experienced canner has had their fair share of “Oops!” moments. Over time, you’ll become more confident and adept at preserving your favorite flavors.


Achieving foolproof canning success is within your reach with the right mindset, quality equipment, and a dash of patience. Remember, at Goodtohave, we’re not just here to sell you canning equipment; we’re here to support your canning journey every step of the way. Happy canning, and may your pantry always be filled with the delicious fruits of your labor!