Mylar Bags 1 Gallon

Mylar bags are a great way to store food on a long term and make sure it is protected from sunlight, moisture, odor or nasty bugs.

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Mylar Bags 1 Gallon Description

These Mylar Bags 1 Gallon offer an efficient and effective way to preserve food for long term storage. They are a 3 Layer design and thus essentialy 3 bags in one.

On the Outside there is a layer of PET, the same material softdrink bottles are made of, giving the bag its strength.

The middle layer is a thin layer of Aluminium (“tinfoil”) protecting whatever is inside from light (UV) while also acting as a diffusion barrier. This means that no oxygen and other gases can “seep through” the bag like they do with normal plastic bags.

The inside layer is  food grade low density Polyethylene, another material commonly used for packaging of food. This layer prevents the food from touching the Aluminium and enables you to seal the Bags yourself via Heat

Mylar bags protect food against UV, oxidation and aroma loss, thus achieving long shelf life. They are ideal for storing dried beans, chickpeas, rice, grain, flour or coffee on a long term.


Size: 24.3cm x 37cm

Capacity: 1 Gallon + headspace for sealing


How to use Mylar bags 1 Gallon

For long-term storage make sure that the food is well dried, clean and free from any bugs. Mylar bags can be sealed with hot jaws Handheld Heat sealer. As a personal tip, most hair straighteners do the job just as well. Sadly due to their thickness most vacuum sealer WON’T seal them properly.

They can be reused. Just cut the sealing line off, fill it again and reseal them. You can do it as long as the Mylar bag is clean and has a usable size.
The Mylar bags are shipped from New Zealand.

Please note that these Mylar Bags have to be heat sealed.