Oxygen Absorber 200ml (50cc) 100pack

These Oxygen Absorber are a great way to extend the shelf-life of your food.


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Oxygen Absorber 200ml (50cc) 100pack Description


Oxygen Absorbers (also known as Oxygen Scavengers) are a great way to extend the shelf-life of dried foods. When added to an enclosed packaging, Oxygen Absorbers will, as the name already suggests absorb the oxygen in the package. This will extend the shelf-life of food considerably, keeps the food fresh for a longer time and protects dry foods from insect damage, mold growth and rancidity.

How do Oxygen Absorbers work:

Oxygen Absorbers are a small permeable bag filled with Iron powder. When exposed to Oxygen (Air) the Iron powder starts to oxidize (rust), thus using up all the oxygen (up to the specified capacity) inside a bag or container.

How to use Oxygen Absorbers correctly:

Oxygen Absorbers are a great way to extend the shelf life of dried foods. Simply, add a sufficient amount of oxygen absorbers to a food package and seal it tight. Make sure to use the absorbers with packaging material that has low oxygen permeability such as Mylar Bags.

Storing Oxygen Absorbers correctly:

The Oxygen Absorbers come in a 200Pack vacuum sealed package. To prevent the oxygen absorbers to be activated before use, make sure to NOT store the package together with sharp or spiky objects which could puncture the package and break the vacuum seal.

When opening the package use up the oxygen absorbers as quickly as possible. Oxygen absorbers which are not used should be vacuum sealed again or stored in an airtight container. The maximum exposure to air shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes.


Please note

Although the Oxygen Absorbers are safe to handle with food, they shouldn’t be eaten or put into a Microwave. Store them out of the reach of children.