The Art of Preserving – Emma Macdonald

This sumptuous guide filled with beautiful photography and expert practical tips is guaranteed to be the only resource you will ever need to preserve fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

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The Art of Preserving – Emma Macdonald Description

Discover the timeless craft of preserving food with “The Art of Preserving” by Emma Macdonald, a sumptuous guide filled with beautiful photography and expert practical tips. This comprehensive resource is guaranteed to be the only guide you will ever need to master the art of preserving fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish at home.

Why Preserving Matters

In today’s fast-paced world, preserving food at home is a vital practice for those who want to eat seasonally, sustainably, and with minimal waste. More importantly, it’s a way to enjoy utterly delicious food throughout the year. With “The Art of Preserving,” you can bring the bounty of each season into your kitchen and savor it long after the harvest has passed.

A Complete Guide for Every Home Preserver

This essential book on canning and preserving is designed to be a one-stop resource for everyone, whether you are foraging wild hedgerows, harvesting from your own garden or allotment, or picking out the best seasonal produce from your local supermarket or market. With over 100 delicious recipes, Emma Macdonald provides clear, comprehensive instructions for every method of preservation.

Comprehensive Techniques and Recipes

Emma Macdonald’s expertise shines through in her detailed explanations of various preserving techniques. You will learn how to:

  • Cure: Master the art of curing meats to create delectable dishes like gravlax and confit chicken.
  • Dry: Discover methods to dry fruits and vegetables for long-term storage.
  • Pickle: Preserve vegetables in vinegar to create classic pickles and unique combinations.
  • Bottle/Can: Safely can and bottle fruits and vegetables to enjoy throughout the year.
  • Crystallize and Jelly: Create beautiful, sweet preserves like candied peel and quince cheese.
  • Jam, Chutney, and Cordial: Make all kinds of spreads and drinks, from mint jelly and onion marmalade to mango chutney and sloe gin.

Classic and Modern Recipes

“The Art of Preserving” includes a wide range of recipes, covering timeless classics and introducing modern twists. You’ll find recipes that have been beloved for centuries alongside innovative new creations such as:

  • Banana and Date Chutney
  • Grapefruit and Elderflower Marmalade

Each recipe is accompanied by Emma’s expert tips on troubleshooting common issues, ensuring your preserving projects are always successful.

Essential Equipment and Tips

Emma Macdonald also provides a thorough overview of all the equipment you’ll need to start preserving. From cheesecloths and straining funnels to canning jars and sealing techniques, this book covers it all. Emma’s troubleshooting tips will help you navigate any challenges you may encounter, making the process smooth and enjoyable.


With “The Art of Preserving,” you can transform the way you think about food storage and preparation. This book is not just about preserving food; it’s about creating a connection to the seasons, reducing waste, and enjoying the rich flavors of homemade preserves. Whether you are a novice or an experienced preserver, Emma Macdonald’s guidance will inspire you to pick up your tools and start preserving the bountiful produce around you. Let “The Art of Preserving” become your trusted companion in the kitchen, ensuring that every jar you fill is a testament to the delicious possibilities of home preservation.


Published: 27 July 2021
ISBN: 9781848993983
Imprint: Watkins
Format: Hardback
Pages: 224