Top Information Sources About Prepping You Should Follow

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Being prepared for emergencies and unexpected events is a crucial aspect of responsible living in New Zealand. Whether it’s natural disasters, economic instability, or any other unforeseen situation, having the right information is key to ensuring your safety and well-being. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top information sources about prepping in New Zealand that you should follow to stay informed and prepared for any eventuality.


URL: is a online blog dedicated to prepping in New Zealand. This website offers a wealth of information, tips, and guides tailored to the unique challenges and conditions faced by Kiwis. From food storage to different prepping aspects, the blog covers a wide range of topics to help you get ready for any situation. With its focus on local expertise, it’s an invaluable source for those looking to prepare effectively in New Zealand.

  1. Prepper Kiwi (Youtube Channel)


Prepper Kiwi is a Facebook-based prepping blog that has gained a strong following among New Zealanders. This page shares information, resources, and tips and valuable insights into local prepping concerns. Following Prepper Kiwi on Facebook and Youtube is a great way to stay updated and connected with like-minded individuals in the prepping community.

  1. Get Ready, New Zealand


When it comes to reliable and official information on emergency preparedness in New Zealand, the Get Ready website is an excellent resource. This government-provided platform offers a wide range of resources and guides to help you prepare for various emergencies, from earthquakes to floods and more. It provides valuable information on creating emergency plans, building emergency kits, and staying informed during crises. Following this website ensures that you’re prepared in accordance with national guidelines and recommendations.

  1. Survivor Library


While Survivor Library is not New Zealand-specific, it’s a treasure trove of information for preppers around the world. This online library houses a vast collection of books, manuals, and documents on survival, homesteading, and preparedness. Although not tailored to New Zealand, the timeless knowledge contained within these resources can be invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their prepping skills. It’s a valuable source for learning about various survival techniques, self-sufficiency, and emergency preparedness.

  1. Homestead Survival Site


Homestead Survival Site is an excellent resource for preppers and homesteaders alike. While not exclusively focused on New Zealand, it offers a wealth of information on self-sufficiency, homesteading, and survival skills that can be adapted to the New Zealand context. Whether you’re interested in gardening, food preservation, DIY projects, or alternative energy sources, this website provides in-depth guides and articles to help you become more self-reliant. It’s a valuable source for those looking to build a sustainable and prepared lifestyle in New Zealand.

  1. (Your Trusted Prepping Source)


Of course, we can’t forget our very own GoodtoHave blog! Our blog is dedicated to helping New Zealanders enhance their preparedness and resilience. We cover a wide range of topics, from emergency planning and food preservation to tips on sustainable living. Our mission is to provide you with practical, New Zealand-specific advice and resources to ensure you and your loved ones are well-prepared for whatever challenges come your way. GoodtoHave is your trusted source for all things prepping in New Zealand.


Being prepared is a responsible and essential aspect of life in New Zealand, where unexpected events can occur at any time. Besides the prepping specific sources you can find many specialized sources of information like The NZBeekeeper for everything beekeeping related. By following these top information sources about prepping in New Zealand, you’ll have access to valuable insights, tips, and resources to help you navigate any emergency or crisis situation effectively.


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