Foraging New Zealand – Peter Langlands

New Zealand is a land teeming with an abundance of incredible, edible wild foods. From luscious fruits and diverse fungi to nutrient-rich seaweed, vibrant berries, aromatic herbs, and much more, the natural bounty is remarkable.

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Foraging New Zealand – Peter Langlands Description

Foraging in New Zealand – New Zealand is a land brimming with incredible, edible wild foods — from luscious fruit and diverse fungi to nutrient-rich seaweed, vibrant berries, aromatic herbs, and so much more. The key to unlocking these natural treasures lies in knowing where to search and how to forage safely and sustainably.

“Foraging New Zealand: An Essential Guide to Foraging in New Zealand” by Peter Langlands is the definitive guide to discovering and enjoying over 250 of the country’s most delectable wild plants. This comprehensive book is enriched with breathtaking photography that brings the beauty of New Zealand’s flora to life, alongside the most current information and practical tips to ensure your foraging adventures are both enjoyable and fruitful.

Within these pages, you will find yourself inspired to explore the picturesque countryside and view urban areas with a newfound appreciation for the edible plants that often go unnoticed. Whether you’re venturing into lush forests, combing coastal shores, or even inspecting the weeds in your backyard, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and enthusiasm to return home with a bounty of wild edibles.

Peter Langlands, the author of this indispensable compendium, has dedicated his life to the study and practice of foraging in Aotearoa. He has meticulously compiled the country’s most extensive database of wild foraged species, conducted numerous workshops, and sourced wild produce for top chefs, establishing himself as one of New Zealand’s only licensed professional foragers. His decades of expertise and passion for the natural world shine through every page, making “Foraging New Zealand” an essential resource for both novice foragers and seasoned experts alike.

Dive into this rich trove of knowledge and let Peter Langlands guide you through the extraordinary world of New Zealand’s wild foods. With this book in hand, you’ll not only enhance your culinary repertoire but also deepen your connection to the land and its bountiful gifts.