Fungi of Aotearoa – Liv Sisson

Fungi of Aotearoa – A curious foragers’ field guide. The complete introduction to finding, identifying and using mushrooms and other fungi in New Zealand.

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Fungi of Aotearoa – Liv Sisson Description

Fungi of Aotearoa by Liv Sisson: The Complete Introduction to Finding, Identifying, and Using Mushrooms and Other Fungi in New Zealand

Step into the captivating world of fungi with “Fungi of Aotearoa,” a comprehensive guide that invites readers to discover, identify, and utilize the diverse mushrooms and other fungi found throughout New Zealand.

In this practical and thoroughly up-to-date resource, forager and fungus enthusiast Liv Sisson shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for fungi. Sisson offers invaluable tips and expert guidance, leading readers on an enthralling journey through the unique fungal landscape of Aotearoa.

Learn how to identify the most delectable edible varieties and master the art of cooking with them, transforming your culinary experiences. Explore the profound impact these incredible organisms have had on shaping our world, from their historical significance to their pivotal roles in modern medical and environmental research.

“Fungi of Aotearoa” is enriched with stunning full-colour photographs that bring over 130 species to life, including the brilliant blue national fungus, werewere kokako. Each entry is accompanied by current descriptions, fun facts, and detailed information that cater to both novice foragers and seasoned mycologists.

Beyond identification and culinary uses, Sisson delves into the ecological importance of fungi, revealing how they contribute to ecosystem health and biodiversity. Discover the symbiotic relationships fungi form with plants, their role in nutrient cycling, and their potential applications in bioremediation and sustainable practices.

This book is more than just a field guide; it is a celebration of the wonder and diversity of fungi in New Zealand. Whether you are an armchair enthusiast, a backcountry explorer, or a budding expert, “Fungi of Aotearoa” offers a treasure trove of information and advice. Sisson’s engaging writing style and meticulous research make this guide an essential addition to any naturalist’s library.

Dive into the world of fungi with Liv Sisson as your guide, and uncover the secrets of these extraordinary organisms that thrive in the landscapes of Aotearoa. “Fungi of Aotearoa” will not only enhance your understanding and appreciation of fungi but also inspire you to embark on your own adventures in the wild, discovering the hidden gems of New Zealand’s rich fungal heritage.