Emergency Radio with hand crank and flashlight

A manually rechargeable solar radio and flashlight. Independent of any power supply.

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Emergency Radio with hand crank and flashlight Description

A manually rechargeable solar radio and flashlight. This emergency radio is independent of any power supply. Having an emergency radio can be an important item to have in your home, especially in case of natural disasters or other emergency situations. An radio for emergencies can provide access to information and updates during a power outage, when other forms of communication may be unavailable.

Has 3 functions

  • WB, AM and FM Radio
  • small LED Flashlight
  • USB Power Outlet (charging Phones)

The internal lithium battery that can be recharged by 3 means:

  • USB port (charging cable included)
  • Dynamo Hand crank
  • in built solar panel

This ensures that in the case of an emergency or total grid down scenario you have unlimited access to:

  • Radio (emergency broadcasts and finding out what is going on)
  • Portable light
  • Power for your Smartphone

Even if your generator has run out of fuel. No Batteries required.

Size: 128mm x 60mm x 40mm (super compact and easily fits in any backpack or bag)

Weight:211 g

Battery: 2000mAh

AM: 525 KHz to 1710KHz
FM: 88MHz to 108 MHz

Having an emergency radio can provide peace of mind and help you stay informed during an emergency. It can provide access to life-saving information and updates, including weather reports, evacuation instructions, and emergency broadcasts.

The hand crank function can be an essential tool for staying informed during an emergency situation, especially if electricity is unavailable. The hand-crank mechanism allows you to generate power for the radio, so you can stay connected even when there is no other source of energy. Here are some key features to look for when choosing a hand-crank radio: