Let’s preserve it – Beryl Wood

The book that Nigella Lawson turns to for jam recipes – the classic book of jam, preserve and chutney recipes, revised and updated featuring a foreword by Rose Prince.

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Let’s preserve it – Beryl Wood Description

Dive into the rich tradition of preserving with this unique and comprehensive recipe collection, which celebrates the art of transforming an abundance of seasonal produce—whether it’s apples or whortleberries—into jars brimming with sweetness and flavor.

Originally published in 1970, Beryl Wood’s classic “Let’s Preserve It” has earned its place as the ultimate preserving bible. Within the pages of this small encyclopedia, Wood shares a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations, offering a treasure trove of simple, foolproof recipes that promise endless delight for both the maker and the enjoyer. From essential guidelines on equipment and preparation to helpful hints on cooking techniques and important tips to remember, this A-Z compendium of recipes is an indispensable resource for everyone, from seasoned jam-makers to novice cooks venturing into the world of preserves for the first time.

Rediscover beloved classics like mint jelly, lemon curd, and Seville orange marmalade, alongside a plethora of more adventurous combinations and innovative ideas for preserving fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

As Nigella Lawson herself attests, “I’ve long treasured my battered, second-hand copy of this book, and now that it has been proudly reissued, others will be able to benefit from it too.” Join the legions of fans who have found inspiration and guidance within the pages of this timeless treasure, and embark on your own journey of preserving culinary delights for generations to come.