Teslong rigid borescope NTG450H with screen

Introducing the Teslong NTG450H Rigid Borescope with Screen, your ultimate solution for precise inspection and upkeep of firearm barrels and beyond.

$270.00 incl. 15% GST

Teslong rigid borescope NTG450H with screen Description

Introducing the Teslong Rigid Borescope NTG450H  with Screen, your indispensable tool for precision inspection and maintenance of firearm barrels and beyond. Engineered with cutting-edge features, this borescope delivers unparalleled clarity and convenience, empowering shooters, gunsmiths, and enthusiasts alike to inspect with confidence.

Key Features:

4.5-inch Tempered Glass Screen:

Experience crystal-clear visuals without the hassle of downloading apps. With a spacious 4.5-inch tempered glass screen, you’ll enjoy immersive viewing of every detail, eliminating the need for additional devices.

26-inch Rigid Probe borescope:

Dive deep into barrels and confined spaces with ease. The 26-inch rigid probe offers exceptional maneuverability and reach, allowing you to access even the most inaccessible areas with precision.


Designed to accommodate .22 caliber or larger barrels, this borescope is versatile enough to meet the needs of various firearms enthusiasts. Whether you’re inspecting rifles, handguns, or shotguns, the NTG450H is up to the task.

Borescope with LED Ring Light Illumination:

Illuminate dark spaces and enhance visibility with the integrated LED ring light. Equipped with adjustable brightness settings, you can customize the illumination to suit your environment, ensuring optimal clarity in any situation.

Removable Side View Mirror:

Gain a comprehensive view of your inspection area with the removable side view mirror. Effortlessly attach or detach the mirror as needed, providing versatility and flexibility during your inspections.

The Teslong NTG450H Rigid Borescope with Screen combines advanced technology with user-friendly design, revolutionizing the way you inspect and maintain firearms. Whether you’re conducting routine maintenance, diagnosing issues, or simply exploring the inner workings of your firearms, this borescope is your trusted companion for precision and clarity. Elevate your inspection experience with Teslong – where innovation meets reliability.