4 stage UF / Carbon Hand Pump Water Filter

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4 stage UF / Carbon Hand Pump Water Filter Description

This small and light weight Carbon Hand Pump Water Filter enables you to remove most contaminations from water including protozoa, algae, and many chemicals.

The filter is run by a hand pump and requires no external power.

It comes as a 4-stage setup:

  • The porous pre filter head removes visible suspensions such as sediment, sand and floating particles, and makes sure they do not enter the second and third filter stage
  • The second stage consists of a granulated active carbon (GAC) filter, and removes which removes many organic compounds (foul taste), chemicals and chloride
  • The third stage consists of a 0.1μm (0.0001mm) Hollow Fiber Filter that removes waterborne bacteria, protozoans, and most particles, and in itself would provide a suitable filtration for many applications
  • The fourth and final filtration is done by a carbon filter block, which removes any leftover contaminants.

the second, third and fourth stage are combined in a single filter cartridge, which is a replaceable unit, similar to many under-the sink filters.

In contrary to the reverse osmosis filters (which use the same housing) this filter does not require a constant flushing of the filter, hence the valve at the top can remain in the closed position. 100% of the water that is pumped through this filter is purified.

If the filter is removed the housing can act as a water pump (using the pre filter is advised to make sure sand/sediment doesn’t damage or clog up the pump mechanism).

Compared to reverse osmosis this Carbon Hand Pump Water Filter will not be able to remove minerals, salts and fluoride, but is more efficient and would be ideally suited if you have a reasonably clean source of water available (like a small creek). The carbon filter will remove many chemical contaminants including chloride.

To ensure its longevity all filter elements should be flushed with clean water, the pump unit disassembled (filter removed) and all parts left to dry if they are to be stowed away after use to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria inside the filter elements.

Lifetime: 8000 l

Package Size: 32 x 13 x 6 cm

Weight: 370 g

Water Pollutant Particle Size (μm)

Protozoa (Giardia) 2 – 6 μm
Bacteria, Algae 0.2 – 10 μm
Viruses 0.004 – 0.1 μm
Calcium Carbonate 0.0009 μm
Sodium Chloride (Salt) 0.0007 μm